Earth Day


Happy Earth Day!

Today we signed a historical agreement to slow down global warming.This kept me thinking about the efforts I make for the environment.

For me this means taking my bike to work whenever I can and leave the car at home.I managed to at least a few times a week,baby steps I know,but it’s the effort that counts,right?!

I am convinced that, since I make most of my clothes,all my stuff has a longer lifespan.What you create with lots of love and determination doesn’t get thrown away that easy.By thinking wether or not I really need something new ,I saved quite a lot of money and reduced the amount of waste.

To me it’s normal to drink mostly tap water,the only ones that need convincing are the teenagesons.

And then ,most important,BUY LOCAL.I try to shop mostly with local retailers and bio shops.Buying local and in season also helps support the small town shops I grew to love and appreciate.

So,that’s my small contribution to Mother Earth.What about you,any more tips?